Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Testimonial


I'm here to say it - internet dating worked.

*pauses for gasps of awe and shock*

I know, it surprised me as much as anybody else. I can't believe that I could now be eligible to be on a TV ad; holding hands, splashing through water at the beach, and beaming happily, albeit slightly dementedly, whilst staring into the distance. I could totally practice a little testimonial: "And just when I thought I was destined to turn into a crazy cat-lady (once I actually got permission to own cats), I found a soulmate who balances my chi and just totally understands my allergies to certain grass specimens."

Some of you may remember my very first internet date that took place in RL (real-life, for all of you uninitiated out there), and the lad that I dubbed Tarzan (otherwise to be known as D). It turns out that even making jokes about dead bodies wasn't enough to turn this one off me.

After months of staying in contact, I went to visit D in Hobart last weekend and now it's on like Donkey Kong. We have decided to give this whole long-distance thing a go, and make our telephone network providers very happy people in the meantime.

The time in Hobart was awesomely fun. It was all just begging to be made into an Oasis Active advertisement montage: running through the rain while holding hands and giggling, eating sushi on top of Mount Wellington, chilling out in front of the fire, pulling out ridiculous items at op-shops and saying, "It's totally you"... Seriously, bring on the camera - we'd definitely be in the running for cutest damned couple ever.

I'm smitten, I'm keen, I'm in a perpetual state of swooning, and I'm coming very close to giving my nearest and dearest the shits by continually talking about D. And all of this came about because of that funny little thing they call the internet. Who'd a thunk it?


  1. Nice Saturday afternoon reading; a feel good story. And who would have thought internet dating really does work. XX

  2. yay! good on you, love that story :)


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