Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And I Was One Dollar Short


A couple of weeks ago I did a very quick trip up to Sydney. Reason: to see one of my favourite bands from back in my school days reform for a gig.

There was squealing involved.

The day threw into vast relief how very Gen Y my friends and I are, and how very Gen Z most of the other festival-goers were. I don't often have a chance to feel old - in fact, I quite regularly have the words, "You'd be too young to remember that" said to me. That's what happens when you're the youngest in a workplace - people lord their knowledge of ad jingles from the 80's over you. You just wait, 80's people... you just wait. One day I'll have an enviable knowledge of jingles. Then you'll be sorry.

Anyway, on the day:

Gen Y: Suitably attired for the scorching heat in singlets, tee-shirts and shorts.
Gen Z: Scantily attired in teeny, tiny, little itty bitty shorts and midriff tops. 90's outfits worn in an ironic fashion. Bumbags included.

Gen Y: Maintaining a moderate level of hydration with lots of bottles of water.
Gen Z: Getting drunk.

Gen Y: Applying sunscreen when sitting in the sun.
Gen Z: Getting drunk.

Gen Y: Reclining in the shade when possible, to try and stave away sunstroke.
Gen Z: Getting drunk.

I had a few soap-box moments when I wondered if their parents knew what they were doing, and then I remembered that I'm not 70. Not that there's anything wrong with being 70.

The band that we had gone specifically to see was One Dollar Short. They are a band that I saw quite a few times back in the day. My first mosh-pit was at one of their gigs, and their songs formed the soundtrack for much of those angsty adolescent days.


Their set was unreal. My friend and I kept turning to each other and screaming the lyrics, and really getting into it. They sang the old favourites, and were just all around brilliant.

And then the coolest thing happened.

A couple of hours after their set, we bumped into the lead singer, Scott. We spoke to him. We got photos with him. We gushed at him. And he dealt with it all exceptionally well.


I may even have uttered the words, "I flew from Tasmania to see you!"

I know that I'm cool.


  1. he ha ha! having just come back from parklife, where i (at the ripe old age of 26) was wondering if i was the oldest person there!! and ditto to everything you said! many they know how to make you feel vintage, but i secretly like that i can go to these things and have a blast with out even drinking much.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that it's not just me! Haha :)


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