Monday, December 27, 2010

Where’s My Disco Ball?

Three blog posts in three days. It’s madness, just madness. However, I got my little self down to a bit of crafting today after a short hiatus. I was a tad worn out from the onslaught of the markets, but now I’m ready to get some stuff done. I’ve already started a list of things to do and EVERYTHING!

Today I made a little cosy for my new fancy pants mobile phone. It’s not actually that fancy, but hopefully it will be able to hold a phone call without dropping out. And perhaps will even send a message without turning itself off. The possibilities are endless. I'm a tad worried about the screen on it getting scratched (I keep it in the same pocket in my handbag as my keys), and seeing as it isn't a piece of crap I'd like to take care of it. Thus, the mobile cosy *drum roll*.


The only down-side to making this is that I had disco songs stuck in my head whilst doing the embroidery. A few bad disco dance moves may have also been involved. Nobody needs to be subjected to that.

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