Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mustard?! Don’t Let’s Be Silly

I am positively lusting over all things mustard coloured at the moment. It has that hint of vintage, with a twist of summer. I’ve been relatively restrained considering all of the awesome mustard things I’ve found – like a sugar bowl that matches a sugar bowl that I already have. Except it was, of course, mustard instead of blue. But I withheld, conscientious shopper that I am. Ahem.

Among the great mustard articles I’ve found, these are a couple of my favourites. This cute-as-a-button bag from Etsy. I always carry a tote bag, and manage to fill it most times. This bag is both big enough for all of the detritus that life seems to collect, and still completely awesome.

And of course, this collar from Hand Hook Yarn. I originally came across a picture of it in Frankie magazine (which happens to be the best magazine in the world), and did some internet sleuthing until I found where I could purchase such a rad item. I love these collars – they’re so unusual! But definitely cool.

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