Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All Of This Hoopla

So, it was a very miserable weekend, weatherwise. On Saturday, we experienced an entire day of sideways rain, and Sunday gave us gale force winds. However, I can’t help but think that this sort of weather is just telling you to busy yourself around inside the house (or lay under your quilt for the entire day with a good book – it’s a very mixed message that’s being sent).

After indulging in some of the latter, I decided to get crafting. My second craft hoop received a bit of attention – this time with embroidery (using embroidery in an embroidery hoop? It’s so crazy it might just work…), and a lovely little stencil I got off my favourite stencilry site.

And for my next project *drum roll* I made a couple of clutch purses. The patterns were taken from the Meet Me At Mikes craft book, which I absolutely adore. I only felt my brain imploding during one part of the instructions which is pretty good for me. They’re terribly cute, and I’ve already thought up some variations to be made on future purses.

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