Monday, June 13, 2011

In A Land Far, Far Away

"A land called Wynyard. We held a market. It was rad.

And they lived happily ever after.

The end."


Our June Made With Love Market Bazaar was last Saturday, and as always, it was a great day. The dress-up theme this month was Children's Storybook Characters. It was our eighth (!) Made With Love, and it just feels like we're growing in leaps and bounds. We're getting an incredible response from the community, and it's just the best feeling to be surrounded by so many crafty folks one day a month - I feel like I could burst from all the warm and fuzziness happening. But I won't - bursting is most unbecoming for a lady.

The other thing that has been great is to not only be a part of the markets, but to be part of the behind-the-scenes action. Yes, sometimes we get a bit cranky pants. Yes, sometimes we just want all of the admin work to go away. But really, it's just us networking with the aforementioned crafty folk, and you can't be cranky pants about that, can you?

It's also kind of novel to have to prepare yourself for a dress-up once a month. This month's preparation went something along these lines:

A month beforehand - Have idea to dress as Puss In Boots. Feel very smug with self that in order to dress as this character, I only need to buy ears and a tail.

2 weeks beforehand - Purchase ears and tail. Continue feeling smug with self.

4 days beforehand - Curse self for not thinking outfit through completely. All well and good to have ears, tail and boots, but general decency and social niceties require me to cover up the bits in between. Panic.

3 days beforehand - Call Mum late at night, requesting her to express post a shirt that I'm sure I left in a suitcase at her place. Or in the wardrobe. It's possibly in the set of drawers...

2 days beforehand - Curse stupid self.

Day of market - Sleep in. Realise have hit snooze button 3 too many times. Have shower. Realise that nose ring has fallen out during the night. Search bedding for nose ring. Curse stupid self. Find nose ring. Attempt to put back in nose. Have sneezing fit. Sit down for a minute to regain composure. Try again. Cue second sneezing fit. End up getting facial bling in. Hurriedly get dressed. Draw on crooked whiskers with liquid eyeliner. Run out door. Forget about attached tail when sitting in car. Awkward moment.

So, as you can see, being a marketing crafter is quite an involved business. It is not for the fainthearted.

And now that you've been educated, onto the photos...

Sweet Mia

Lorise from Clever Zebra Designs. Totally cute as Heidi.

Rock My Roll

This particular dress-up gave us great scope to make a lot of jokes, bad puns, and misquote things. And when I say we, I mean me. But you knew that.

Sandra from Grace of Autumn & Wendy

Lisa from Lisaloo

We ended up having a Red Riding Hood (Michelle - Rock My Roll), Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (Naomi, our awesome photo taker lady), Pippi Longstockings (Sandra - Grace of Autumn), Heidi (Lorise - Clever Zebra Designs), and the best surprise of all - a customer dressed as our fairy godmother. Bless her cotton magical socks.

Grace of Autumn goodies

Puss in Boots getting all swordy on Red Riding Hood

Naomi as Dorothy

To see more of the awesome shots that Naomi got, check out our facebook page. And a big thank you to Naomi for the photos, and everybody who supports our lovely little crafty day. We hope to see y'all next time!

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  1. Cant wait to see your film debut in 'Puss in Boots', coming to movies soon- that will be fab. You groovy chicks looked lovely on Saturday; it was fun paying a visit as a 'market junkie' instead of 'market seller'. See you soon, Jac xxx


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