Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let’s Play Dress-Ups (With The House)

I’ve never wanted to own a house. In fact, I’ve been quite against the idea of it. I get myself up on my own little soapbox, and exhort the evils of house-ownership. I think part of it is to do with my general commitment issues, and the fact that owning a property would hamper my ability to waft around on whatever whim comes over me. Even enrolling for a two year TAFE course had me breaking out in a cold sweat. 

However, general personal instabilities aside, Susie and I have been positively devouring any home decoration shows that come our way. Feature walls, splashbacks, and skirting boards have become a part of our discussions, and I can’t help but feel a little wistful of the whole home reno thing. If you own a house, you can go absolutely stupid with decoration, and there’s nobody there to stop you *insert maniacal laughter here*. Unless you co-own. Then you decorate in the dark cloak of night, and pretend in the morning that you have no idea why there is now a fountain in the lounge room.

My wish list for a house:

A fair-sized mural or stencil in the lounge room – some epic piece is that preferably painted by me, but designed by somebody else.


A butler sink. I didn’t even know what this was until my recent immersion in decorating shows, and now I totally dig them. I want one, I want one, I want one.


A massive bird cage hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen. Not exactly sure why. I just think it could work.

A rope swing in the lounge room. Because I feel nostalgia for something that I’ve never in my life used. Hurrah for rope swings!

A craft room. Self-explanatory.

A walk-in wardrobe. In my last house, I had a slightly deficient room. It was missing the fourth wall, had a curtain for a door, had no windows, and used to house car parts. But I loved it. It suited me at the time, and even though it jokingly got called a shoebox/crawl space/changing room, it was cosy, and it was mine. Another thing it was lacking was a cupboard (shoeboxes don’t have enough room for things like, you know, furniture. Or people.). I had a dinky little clothes rail, clothes stashed in a suitcase under my bed, clothes stashed at the bottom of the clothes rail, and a tallboy whose drawers were collapsing because there was a clothes overload. I now have a cupboard, but still face the problem of my clothes occasionally bursting forth from it, because of my propensity to get op-shop bargains. But to have a whole room dedicated to housing them? Ahhh, bliss.

Floor to ceiling bookshelves, and a rolling ladder. Granted, I would probably hurt myself on the ladder, but it would be such a classy injury. “Oh yaaarrrs, yars, the accident in question occurred while I was reaching for my copy of War and Peace, and my foot did slippeth from the rail, and my derriere did meet the floor. Gave me a jolly good fright!”

A pink flamingo in the front yard. I’d have to balance all of that class with something totally kitsch, otherwise it’d all just go to my head.


  1. i love these games:)

    pic 1 - tick - maggie's room
    pic 2 - tick - house number 2
    pic 3 - dig it:)
    pic 4 - rope swing, love the idea, will get on to that!
    pic 5 - if only hey.
    pic 6 - carrie bradshaw rules!
    pic 7 - i have one of those.
    pic 8 - i have a friend who has one, seriously, and at night there is a light that puts a massive silhouette of it on the whole house (a converted chapel)!!!! holy holy how cool is thAT.

  2. James and I are planning our dream home on a shoestring budget... my fav object is a pair of bronze art deco wall serconsers (?) with fake candles and a stained class door with a celtic cross on it. In the future it will include...

    1. a hot pink wallpaper wall in the lounge room
    2. a smoking chair/table
    3. an oversized dinning table made of recycled timber
    4. a claw foot bath

    Bulter sink beautiful!!! but i have to ask are you sure the rope swing does not have other motives...

  3. James likes all things butler sinky.
    I would like a mural too.
    Bird cage to keep man, rope swing to use man...
    Crass I know but I am a crass man, I love all vulgarities.


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