Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let The Sun Shine Down

The past weekend had just terrible weather. Rain, wind, awfully cloudy - the perfect weather to stay inside. And craft! On both Saturday and Sunday I just sat myself down in front of the TV, had my favourite DVD’s going, and got down to some hectic crafting.

On Saturday I finally got around to decorating some photo frames. I’ve been doing these things for donkeys years, and find it very therapeutic to sand and glue and all of those fun things. A side effect of this is covering myself in PVA glue. And no, I’m not a kinky crafter. I’m just exceptionally clumsy. Although, even when doing something that you think you could do in your sleep, you still have the capacity to learn new things. 

Lesson #1087 – An unco person with long legs sitting at a short table should NOT balance their cup of coffee on the aforementioned short table. Chaos ensues.


On Sunday I got my embroidering on. It all seemed like such a good idea. I have a funky OVAL embroidery hoop, some great fabric (remnants from my muu-muu), and a great design as a basis. Embroidery fail. It looks pretty dodgy. The stencil was of a cassette tape, and with my enviable stitching skills I’ve somehow ended up with a cassette tape that looks furry. It’s quite reminiscent of Meret Oppenheim’s surrealist/dada furry teacup. Not really the look I was going for, but at least it shows that I’ve remembered SOMETHING from year 11 art.


And now for something exciting…. *drum roll*…. turning trixie is going to be collaborating with the very talented Elyse Hendry to create some super cute appliqué designs. Elyse and I go way back (to when we were both newbies at TAFE), and over the years I’ve seen her go from strength to strength with her illustration work. She also answered my SOS during a html disaster I was experiencing, but that’s another story. She has kindly allowed me to nick some of her illustrations to make into little stitchy items, and hopefully I can do them justice!


Sarah’s Super Awesome DVD List For Crafting:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Blues Brothers 
  • Scrubs
  • Spaced
  • Run Fat Boy Run
  • Shaun Of The Dead
  • The Big Nothing (in other words, pretty much anything with Simon Pegg in it)
  • Black Books
  • Ghostbusters II

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