Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sarah’s Guide To Card-Writing (or Why Grandmas Are Rad)


Yesterday I made a card for my Grandma. Her sister passed away last week, and I wanted to send a little something to say that she’s in my thoughts. Grandmas are rad people. They are an absolute fount of wisdom and compassion that can often be overlooked. My Grandma was the one person that I could really relate to after I’d had hip surgery – we discussed our various aches and pains, and how much fun cortisone injections can be. But you don’t need surgery to have a conversation topic with your Grandma – strangely enough, they’ve probably been through a lot of what you’ve already been through. They have a myriad of experiences, a different view of life, and if you’re lucky, some kick-ass recipes. I don’t speak to my Grandma much, but she’s one stable part of my life that I really appreciate; always ready with a cuppa and a sweet biscuit from the canister on the top shelf in the kitchen. Regardless of who she is – Grandma, Nan, Gran – she’s a pretty cool chick. Hey, maybe you have one too.

So, card made, then there’s the issue of writing in it. I never know what to write in cards, let alone a commiseration card. If I’ve made the card, surely that’s enough effort?? Do I have to WRITE in it as well? Thankfully, I found a lovely quote by Emily Dickinson to put in Grandma’s card.

“Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops… at all.”

But normally… I have no idea what I’m doing.

Dear Person, (Are they really dear to me? I mean, they’re more of an acquaintance.)

To Person, (Does that sound too impersonal?)

Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary/Merry Christmas/Congratulations.

I hope you have a radtacular/awesome/nice/lovely/fantastic/gnarly day.

Regards, (Does that make me sound like a prat?)

From, (God, could I be any more clichéd?)

Best wishes, (Do I really wish them the best? I’m more ambivalent about the whole thing.)

Love, (I mean, you’re cool and all, but I’m not sure I feel that way about you yet.)



That chick you’ve met once who felt obliged to make you a card.

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