Saturday, August 6, 2011

When All Else Fails


Recently I was lucky enough to have a freelance graphic design job fall into my lap.

It brought about many emotions - pride, excitement, slight stress, motivation... and fear. A giant heaping bucketful of fear.

I haven't done design work for a fair while now, except for myself and friends, and they're pretty much obliged to say nice things. So I've been floating around in my slightly delusional state thinking that I'm competent. But now that it's come to the point where somebody will pay cash for my services in the design field, I'm not going to lie to you - I'm terrified.

What if I stuff it up? What if something that I think looks great actually looks like the demented scrawlings of a monkey on illegal substances? What if something that I think is a really, super-dooper, freaking clever idea, is in fact twee, sentimental, and vomit-worthy? What if I can't stop asking questions, and I end up having to be taken to the vet and shot?

I've started, at least. I have a few designs under my belt, but I've reached a point where my idea just ISN'T WORKING, and apart from desperately searching the net for inspiration, and headbutting the table, I don't know what to do.

Taking some deep breaths might help.


  1. Good lord..did we just write the same the same time...with virtually the same image. Feck.

  2. I know. Something weird is crackin' in the atmosphere...

  3. juat walk away for 2 days and do other stuff?

  4. I think it all depends on whether the monkey is on illegal substances, or if the monkey is *on* illegal substances.

    Sorry. That's probably not terribly helpful, but me and the monkey just couldn't resist.


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