Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

This is a slightly belated wrap-up of our March Made With Love Market Bazaar that was held on Saturday.

I’ve been struck down with a nasty version of the common cold, and yesterday I was sure that death was soon to come knocking at my door. I spent the day in bed, alternately coughing, cursing and whimpering, and just generally feeling very sorry for myself (in other words, woeing my boat).

I now realise that I may have been a tad hasty with the prediction of my untimely demise. It still sucked though.

Saturday was a great day, with a few less of our regular stallholders than usual, but a good vibe nonetheless. I got my hat finished in time for the dress-up theme (March Hare and the Mad Hatter), with only a couple of technical difficulties on the day (I think I pretty much ended up gluing the hat to my head). I looked a little less like the Mad Hatter, and a bit more like a deranged circus ringmaster than I’d hoped, but I think that people got the idea.


I also had the pleasure of taking care of Michelle’s stall this time, as she’s gone on a caravanning trip with the family (lucky gal). When I was unpacking her stuff, it was like a magic trick – every time I thought I’d grabbed the bulk of the stuff from the boxes, I’d find more. The woman is a machine.

Susie from Susie Lee Designs

Grace Of Autumn goodies

Myself, Allana and Wendy


Some little High Maintenance Hippy guys

Saward glass

Sandra looking gorgeous in her hat

End of day tally:
Amount of people that thought I was Michelle's sister - 2
Amount of people that thought I was a statue - 1

The next Made With Love Market Bazaar is on Saturday 9th April, and we'll be getting our 80's style on. Can anybody say Xanadu?


  1. Looks like it was a good market - and it sounds like you have the cold that I had the week before. I'm still sniffling, but it's not as bad the second week in - bet that's heartening to hear!


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